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Everybody wants and remembers valuable, metal gifts. How about you? Sure, you've seen your logo, company name, sales slogan etc....on your stationery. Maybe it was in black and white... or, possibly, in several colors. It was attractive. But, that artwork was still just a flat sheet of paper. Now see your logo...or any impressive molded metal. It has the feel of enormous value. That's right it becomes a molded metal treasure that everyone wants and nobody will give up. Now, isn't the exact what you want for a sales gift, premium or tradeshow reminder? Just think of the impression you'll make. Everyone remembers a gift like this. So, everyone remembers you.

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Business gift and advertising specialties are like a silent salesman. They remind customers and prospects that you're ready, willing and anxious to provide the products or services they need. Unfortunately, silent salesmen are very much like the flesh and blood variety. Some are quite good. Most are mediocre at best. Plastic combs, glow-in-the-dark keychains, ballpoint pens and other plastic trinkets just don't do a very good selling job in today's sophisticated marketplace. Your customers want a "touch of class!" Premiums, business gifts and advertising specialties must have an elegant appearance and the feeling of outstanding value...all for a price you can afford. That's why America's most successful companies come to Martguild for molded metal gifts. Every Martguild gift or jewelry item is molded in rich, enduring metal. Not some light stamping or flimsy foil...each piece is an elegant durable casting that has the heft and feel of a valuable coin, medallion or limited edition paperweight.

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